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type table and WCF Service

Mar 23, 2011 at 3:31 PM

Hello, I am new to nHydrate, and am trying to create a WCF project utilizing a typed table.

I have 2 tables:  ActivityLog and ActivityType.  ActivityLog has an integer field named idActType, and ActivityType is my type table.

ActivityType looks like:

idActivityType name



etc.  I put the static data in through the model.  Everything seems ok, it generates, I apply the installation script just fine, and the database is updated.

One of the projects I have generated is the WCF Service.  I have a console application in the solution I'm using to test, but the generated enum, ActivityTypeConstants is not exposed through the WCF service.

Is this not done automatically for me?  I noticed that tne enum is defined in the Business.Objects namespace, but not as being part of the ActivityType class itself.  The comment says static, but I don't see the keyword static, i see

public enum ActivityTypeConstants


//generated code snipped



Any help is appreciated.  What I am looking to do is simply use the typed table feature as a client of the WCF service.  I would think this would be part of the generation process.

This would allow me to do:

activityService.DataServiceClient client = new activityService.DataServiceClient();
activityService.ActivityLog log = new activityService.ActivityLog();            

log.callingProgram = "ConsoleTest";                        

//log.idActType = activityService.ActivityTypeConstants.INFORMATION;  //use enum in place of ugly int.

log.message = "some information text here";