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Audit Tracking - Row Deletion

Nov 13, 2013 at 3:56 PM
I have a remnant project on the 4.1 branch and a bug was reported yesterday. The audit log for my application (using the audit tracking functionality of nHydrate) reports that the same user that last modified the row is the same one that deleted it.

This is not the case in this instance as that user has left the company and has not logged in since July this year.

It appears that the delete stored procedure for this table (and presumably the rest) does not accept a "modifiedBy" parameter and appears to be just deleting the row and inserting the delete record in the audit table. This is not desired or ideal.

Does anyone have any suggestions to proceed? I do not have time right now to upgrade from NHDAL to EFDAL and upgrade to the 5.X branch (assuming it is fixed there).

Thoughts or suggestions?