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Problem with SQL Reporting Services ReportViewer

Dec 18, 2013 at 11:48 AM
Hi everybody,

I was wondering if anybody has successfully used the SQL Server Reporting Services reports in local mode (rdlc file extension) with NHydrate entities as datasource. The reports are supposed to accept object datasources. However, although they display correctly first level properties, when trying to display navigation properties they show an #Error in the place of the expected value.
According to the discussion here:
the problem showed up in Visual Studio 2010 (it was working correctly in VS2008). It is supposed to be fixed with VS2010 SP1 with the caveat that all properties that are themselves classes need to be serializable and have a parameterless constructor.

I have checked with two simple classes (Order which has a Supplier property) and when the Supplier class is serializable the report shows up correctly, if I remove the Serializable attribute I get the #Error, so I suppose the statement that it was fixed is correct.

However, with NHydrate entities (EF Entities maybe???) the problem persists, although all NHydrate entities are generated as serializable.

Any idea what extra class attribute might be needed to make it work? Or any other idea will be welcome!

All the best,