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Visual Modeler

The new nHydrate modeler pulls heavily from the Entity Framework designer. There are numerous features added on top of the EF model such as type tables, auditing, static data, database upgrades and the like. The new modeler does have a new file format but do not worry, you can import you existing model with the "Import Legacy" menu item. There is a model tree in addition to the designer so you can view your model in the familiar alphabetized, tree format.

This product is a new UI built on top of the same generators that you already use. The UI simply calls the same generator assemblies to create the code you use already. Currently all actions are access via the popup menu on the design surface. Right-click on the background to get model specific functions like verify and generate. Right-click on entities and other objects to get a menu with specific commands for the selected item.

NOTE: The old 4.1 version product will not work while this is installed. When you uninstall the visual modeler the existing product will work again.

This is a new product and we would appreciate any feedback you could provide. Please send comments to
Download it from the downloads page.
Also read the Getting Started document.


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