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Error in Postbuild event related w/ Build Order


Hi everybody,

I wasted a day trying to understand what was going wrong, so I thought I should share my experience so that somebody may not lose their time...

To summarize:
Installed VS2012 Update 3 on a clean Windows 8.1 machine,
installed latest nHydrate,
copied my solution over from a Windows 7 machine with VS2010 and the PREVIOUS nHydrate version
set the reference to the new nHydrate.EFCore.dll
and tried to clean/ build/rebuild

I kept getting a build error for the postbuild event defined in the Interfaces project, which copies the output xxx.EFDAL.Interfaces.dll to the main solution bin directory, with error code 1. Directories were correct, when I built only the interfaces project everything was alright, but the solution as a whole refused to build.

Finally it turned out to be the building order. For some reason, the xxx.EFDAL project, which obviously depends on the xxx.EFDAL.Interfaces project, was set to build before the interfaces. When I changed the order by checking the dependency checkbox it all built OK.

I checked my Win 7/VS2010/older nHydrate solution, and there the build order is correct. I don't know how this order is decided. The funny thing is that in the same solution I have a second nHydrate model and the corresponding yyy.EFDAL and yyy.EFDAL.Interfaces projects, and for those the build order was correct! Strange ...

I verified that when I removed the manually set dependency the problem returned, so I'm sure it was that.

All the best,