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Step-by-step & upgrade script

Dec 18, 2010 at 12:55 AM

I'm trying to use nHydrate against an existing simple database and am running into a number of problems. Some of those may be due to the step-by-step being for an older version of nHydrate.

My current problem is when I try to run the upgrade script that the step-by-step says I must use for an existing database. The script referenced in the step-by-step doesn't exist in the install project, but I stuck the script code into the "first upgrade" script. But when I configure the install project to use the InstallUtil (and specify the name of the DLL for the install project as the command line parameter), I can start a new instance of the install project, but after asking me for the server and database it crashes with an error about some kind of unexpected value. I should also mention that the "pick a database" dialog box that the install project brings up when it runs can't "see" the local server instance that I'm running SqlServer on. But when I type in the server name, and the database name, manually, and click Test Connection, it says everything's okay.

Is there an updated step-by-step available somewhere? I'd like to give nHydrate a real try, but right now I'm dead in the water and not at all clear on how to proceed.


- Mark

Dec 18, 2010 at 5:41 AM

Okay, never mind, I figured out the problem myself. In fact, it was a pretty stupid oversight on my part, which came about because I'm not used to editing sql queries in Visual Studio :). The line continuation character used in the step-by-step guide on CodeProject ("_") was causing the compiler to gack.