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upgrade from version 4 to 5?

Apr 6, 2012 at 11:15 AM

Should i consider upgrading existing models from version  4 to 5. ?

What are the added benefits?

How is performance in 5.0 compared to NHDAL version 4?

Apart from upgrading to visual studio 2010 what other reasons should one see for  moving an existing project to version 5?



Apr 8, 2012 at 2:07 PM

The biggest challenge you will have with a migration is going from NHDAL to EFDAL. Once you make this switch you will be on an Entity Framework backbone. So for performance considerations please read EF performance articles. 


When it comes to reasons to change you should consider the following.

1. How many people exist in your development shop. 

The version 5.0 product line was build with larger development shops in mind. Two key features that demonstrate this are.

   Modules - Large development shops can separate your database into modules. In this way you can allow different groups to own different API's to access the database

   Model To Disk - This feature saves the model into multiple files instead of a single file. This allows multiple users to work on different sections of the model file without getting merge conflicts during checkin.

2. Do you need additional ways to query data that you cannot with NHDAL today.

    Building on an Entity Framework backbone. Allows for nHydrate to provide the full linq Querying abilities found in EF