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Show Stopping bug Version 4 - Subdomain inconsistencies.

Nov 14, 2012 at 8:28 PM

It's a show stopper for me.

I will try to explain it here.

I have an object with an associated list of sub-objects, each of those sub-objects have lists of additional objects.  Phew.  Ok, so I modify the list of a sub-objects sub-sub-objects and the sub-objects.  Everything is OK.  I re-bind by datagrid of the sub-objects. and all appears well in the subdomain also.

The problem comes when I go to do the same thing to a different sub-object.  When I then rebind the grid all of those original changes to the 1st sub-object are lost, while the changes to the 1st sub-objects sub-objects appear to be retained.

I know that this is convoluted.  Unfortunately, I do not have the time to convert the project into entity framework to take advantage of whatever enhancements or fixes are in version 5.

I have attempted to debug this now for two days, and the subdomain seems fine after the execution of one line of code (return from a modal form) and bad before I run some validation on the results.

Please Help ASAP,



Nov 30, 2012 at 8:00 PM


Now I try and describe the work-around that I managed to implement.  I had written a method that returned a list item from an entities relationship from the subdomain based on some criteria.  In certain cases this caused parts of the subdomain to 'refresh' and reset portions of the subdomain to the initial values from the database.  This was not desired.  The workaround was to grab that list item directly from the database, and return it un-associated to the initial subdomain, then if changes were made to that item to manually merge them into the initial subdomain (the one that I would persist at the end of the day).

Doing the merge manually seems to have cured my entities and the associated subdomain of the 'resetting'  issue I was experiencing.

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