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An important feature of any database access technology is the ability to page through large sets of data. Compile-time checking is also great. If you are sorting by a particular field and later remove this field from the model, a compile-time error will be generated since everything is strongly-typed. Ordering is very important when paging, since the next page of objects returned must be deterministic. That said, you can order by any number of fields.

using (var context = new NorthwindEntities())
	//Load all customers with first name 'Chris'
	//Get records 51-60
	var customerList = context.Customer.
		Where(x => x.FirstName == "Chris")

Or you can use the convenience method syntax.

using (var context = new NorthwindEntities())
	//Use the Paging object and specify a Where and OrderBy clause
	var paging = new nHydrate.EFCore.DataAccess.Paging(50, 10);
	var customerList = context.Customer.GetPagedResults(
		x => x.ContactName == "Chris", 
		x => x.ContactName, 

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