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Release Notes

15 August 2013
Added overload for static UpdateData method
Upgrade scripts now emit managed views for tenant tables when necessary
Made fixes for case sensitive databases
Remove EFDAL.Interfaces reference to EFCore since it is no longer needed
Projects can not be generated into solution folders
Added error handling for GetPagedResults methods

19 July 2013
Added overload for UpdateData static method to include connection object
Added a a CloneAsNew method to all entities
Small fix for Azure connections
Fixed an issue with calculated fields trying to save
Stopped upgrade scripts from running on blank unversioned databases

05 May 2013
Fixed an issue with upgrade not generating scripts when changing table type from enum to database
Added ability to load audit records with a specified connection string
Added help info to installer
Added better prompting for imported stored procs when there is a column load error
Fixed some functionality with hash compares in installer project
Added ability to skip error scripts in installer project
Added switches to installer UI form
Added functionality to Precedense Order UI
Added ability to generate create script via API
Fixed issue on model canvas that caused null indexes when copy/paste an entity
Update scrips now have all changes from last version in them
Added ability to execute .NET code inline from SQL in the installer project

24 March 2013
Added new switches to the generated installer project: /notran, /showsql
Fixed a small issue with static Purge method
Added timeout for context based on connection string
Fixed a selection issue with the index field configuration dropdown
Added ability to assign indexes to modules
Fixed the installer project's server and database lookup boxes
Formatted upgrade scripts in installer to have fixed width names (xx.xx.xx.xx.xxxx)

03 March 2013
Added model CSV export to utilities screen
Added more functionality to the upgrade scripts for the SQL installer
Renaming model items will now clean up the old classes in the respective projects upon generation.
Added ability to rename indexes after a database import for un-versioned databases
Imported indexes are renamed after first generation
Added logging for installation time in installer project
Added warning for clustered index on Guid fields
Fixed an issue with history column on the nHydrate schema table
Added ability to upgrade legacy systems without prompt for old upgrade scripts
Added validation rule for stored procs to have at least one field
Added additional command line "versioningwarnings" to installer
Fixed-up some missing functionality to the DTO layer
Added Sequential GUID functionality to mocking layer
Fixed a column sorting issue in VS 2012
Added an enumeration property for type table primary keys to match those of the foreign keys
Fixed issue with relationship deleted from relation dialog not actually being removed

03 February 2013
Added new VSIX install now with support for VS.NET 2012
Refreshed UI
Added support for newsequentialid SQL Server default. Now columns can be marked as sequential GUIDs
Added more functionality to the Object View tool window
Added command line parameters to generated installer for create scripts
Fixed an issue with models with type tables always loading as dirty
EF Interfaces now contain type table wrapper properties

20 January 2013
Added a refactor rule to change PK data type and all relations
Changed copyright in all files to match The MIT License (MIT) on CodePlex
Added VS.NET template so nHydrate file will show up in add dialog of VB.NET projects
Data site now uses JQuery 1.9
Changed the installer to rename indexes on table or column name changes
The import static data wizard no longer imports pre-defined fields like audits
Added more robust index handling for installs. Now indexes are proper switched from clustered/non-clustered and vice versa on installer scripts
Added filter ability to index dialog
The upgrade scripts are no longer run on new database creation
Added ability to remove the original index from an imported database
Added encryption to database settings cache file for generated installer project
Added more tooltip functionality to the modeler
Added nullable enums for type tables
Fixed an issue with nullable bit defaults for SQL Installer

06 December 2012
Added multi-tenant functionality

11 November 2012
Fixed an issue with MySql install related to unique constraints

25 October 2012
Fixed an issue with date internalization while inserting into the nhydrateschema table
Added MySql template to installer
Added ability to have function-based field defaults
Fixed issue with importing database with table valued variables
Fixed an issue with reading database installation history
Fixed an issue loading custom SQL database types on import

25 September 2012
Added tables names to relationship endings on diagram
Added a utility to rename model objects and change their codefacades
Added a validation warning for non-PK based relations
Fixed an issue with EF that occurred for relationships that were not dependent on a PK in the parent table
Formatted multi-line descriptions for intellisense
Added longer default timeout for SQL installer
Added default skip sections for SQL installer when creating a database
Added more functionality to refactor rule for deprecated fields

07 August 2012
Added MySql support to the modeller
Entities with table auditing turned off will now remove previous generated files from the respective projects
FK drop now emitted in upgrade script when removed from model
Non-PK indexes defined as unique now generate as unique
Added functionality to Installer projects so they will have debug settings by default on project
Fixed some issues with SQL Installer handing of default values
SQL and MySql Installer generators now have separate last-generated, cache files
If a generated project exists on disk but is not in the solution, it will be re-added to solution if re-generated now
When generating, EnumOnly tables, associative tables, and non-generated items will be removed from the necessary projects so you do not have to manually do this
Corrected SQL functions not having a schema when imported
The SQL installer now checks scripts to determine if they should be run based on changes
Corrected an issue with parsing scripts with inconsistent line endings in the Installer project
Corrected an issue that caused stored procedures to be imported with the wrong schema name
Importing a database now imports SQL calculated fields

08 July 2012
Breaking change: EFCore has changed. You must update this library in your code.
Breaking change: Data transfer objects now require and inherit from EFDAL.Interfaces
Breaking change: Data transfer library is now on 4.0 framework project
Added a documentation tool window
Added UIDatatype property to fields to be used for UI formatting and validation most notably in a MVC application
Added significant functionality to the Object View window
Reworked the SQL installer for more robust error information
SQL installer now handles moduler installment better
ModelToDisk now saves the all diagram positions in one file
Generate dialog now remembers last modules generated
Optimized generation speed for very large models (200+ tables)

13 June 2012
Removed unsupported datatypes from the datatype dropdown
Object Find window is now named Object View with added delete functionality
Fixed SQL script to remove unique constraints
Added section syntax to SQL database installer so blocks can be excluded on demand
Added a fix for a stored procedure for Azure installs
Changed the way defaults are generated
Database installer now supports running outside a transaction
Added generated message to top of generated files

22 May 2012
Added a Find window that is docked with the nHydrate Explorer
Changed some sql server 2008 specific syntax to support 2005 (delete default sql)
Added more error handling for generated installation project
Copy/paste now work
Added validation rule: entities in modules must contain their parent entity
ModelToDisk now formats XML files on save
Added DataFormatString to entity fields
Removed console query writing from generated installer

06 May 2012
Normal (non-EF) connection strings can be used for Entity Context's constructor now
Added ability to link an entity to a view and walk the relation
Added better diff-viewing when refreshing from database

30 April 2012
Added Views, SP, and Functions to diagram
Corrected some display issues with dialogs on non-standard screens
Added better functionality for re-importing single objects from database
Added ability to add relations via relation dialog
Removed old generators for stored procedures no longer used
Removed Composites from the visual model
Added removed CRUD stored procs SQL to gen when UseGeneratedCRUD is false
Added ability to remove CRUD stored procedures
Installer: Fixed an issue with deleting objects with an inheritance hierarchy
Installer: Fixed an issue with Azure installs when temp path had spaces
MSI: Product installer now overwrites previous versions
Added update single-entity, menu functionality
Fixed generation of specific modules when chosen

23 April 2012
Fixing an issue with entity inheritance
Installer: added a NeedsUpdate method to determine if updates should be run
Added ability to choose modules for generation
Installer: Now can return upgrade scripts as a string

09 April 2012
Allowed static data to define null values
Fixed an issue with inherited tables not being emitted properly
Cleaned up emitted mocks code
Fixed some issues with views
Validate relations are in modules
Empty diagram file when ModelToDisk is true

25 March 2012
Ensure relations do not modify XML model files on every save
ModelToDisk mode now supports static data and metadata
Fixed an issue with multi-column, primary keys sometimes not linking as FK to other tables
Model to disk now supports Composites
Support for Select Commands has been removed
Added model meta data

19 March 2012
Reorganized the generated installer project. There is a new folder structure.
Updated User's Guide
Added a generated documentation site
Fixed some generated code compiler warnings
Removed IAuditable from Interfaces
Removed compiler warnings from generated code
Table-value functions now supported
Now supporting multi-column indexes

11 March 2012
Added an updated User's Guide
Added an index list to each Entity object
Added ability to install only internal stored procs from installer
Added Module rule validation
Added refactoring to diagram
Added ability to add precedence for scripts in installer
Added GRANT permissions to SPs, Views, and Functions
Changed the Description proeprty to Summary for all objects
Added better designer functionality for Description/Summary
Added ModelToDisk property to distribute the model to disk for groups
Added better progress bars for long activities
Installer: Can now support external transactions
Installer: Project has been converted to 4.0
EFDAL: Removed IAuditable from entities that are not audited

25 February 2012
First release of visual modeler. This is a break from the previous 4.1 line. Only Entity Framework and DTO layer supported.

23 February 2012
Installer: Added better database upgrade scripts for fields changing from nullable to non-nullable.
Installer: Corrected an issue with stored procs for self-ref tables
Added IsBrowsable to the model
EFDAL: column IsBrowsable attributes now control the Browsable property attribute in generated code
EFDAL: Entities now support System.ComponentModel.IDataErrorInfo interface (BREAKING CHANGE, NEED NEW EFCORE.DLL)
EFDAL: Added more attributes to properties for binding
EFDAL: Added support for scaler functions
Installer: Corrected some errors that occurred for object dependency during installation for complex databases
Installer: Rearranged the generated folder structure for sps, views, and functions
EFDAL: Corrected some compiler warnings with generated code
Installer: Added better generation for defaults
Installer: Fixed bug with insert stored procedure when there was a modified audit with no create audit on an entity
Installer: Corrected an issue with generating XML type parameters for stored procedures
Installer: all views, functions, and stored procs generate into file per type rather than file per entity
Installer: Changing PK for a table will now generate a change script
EFDAL: UpdateData static method now supports the byte[] type
DataTransfer: Views and stored procs are now DTOs
EFDAL: Marked generated code with a new attribute "GeneratedCode"
Installer: No longer supports versioning in extended DB property. All installs now have a version table appended.
Installer: removed ICSharp Zip library and ability to include ZIP files in installer

11 January 2012
EFDAL: Fixed a small issue with stored procedures not mapped correctly to database when using TransformNames property
Fixed error numbering on UI error control
Fixed some default values when importing a database
Ensured all columns are removed from the model when parent tables are removed
EFDAL, NHDAL added support for binary defaults
EFDAL, NHDAL: added more absolute namespacing to generated code
EFDAL, NHDAL: added more functionality for field defaults

16 December 2011
Version (There is no
Corrected an issue with the installer that occurred when creating a database while not persisting settings
Corrected a logic error with the installer although it does not affect production code
NHDAL: Fixed an issue with selecting from a table by FK that has a self-reference relationship
EFDAL: Corrected an issue when calling custom stored procedures from the API

30 November 2011
NHDAL: Fixed a compile issue for stored procedures with non-nullable output parameters
EFDAL: reduced some generated code with generics. Added GetValue extension method for each entity type and removed GetInteger, GetString, etc.
EFDAL/Interfaces: added more base functionality for audits
EF Interfaces: Moved metadata classes from DAL to Interfaces
EFCore: Added more base functionality (Must use newest EFCORE after generation!!)
EF Mocks: Implemented Audit base functionality
Model: Added prompt property to columns for EF meta data
EFDAL: Added more base functionality, added interfaces for actions
EFDAL: Added interfaces to views
EFDAL: Added base functionality to stored procedures

12 November 2011
EFDAL: added timeout value to ContextStart object
EFDAL: Corrected an issue with N:M tables when one of the primary tables was a type table
NHDAL: Fixed an error with the generated default for a non-nullable GUID field
EFDAL: Added more static methods to entities
EFDAL/NHDAL: added supported for stored procedures with no columns. These are called actions.
EFDAL: Added supported for multi-item order by clauses for the GetPagedResults method of entities

17 October 2011
Installer: Insure that a lower version installer cannot run if the database version is higher
EFDAL and NHDAL: Fixed a generation issue with table auditing on tables with no ModifiedBy field
EFDAL: Added more Intellisense to relationship tooltips

12 September 2011
Added an IsReadonly flag to columns
NHDAL: Fixed an issue with code generation for components on descendant objects
Added better handing of complex defaults
Importing of complex defaults improved
Warnings will no longer stop generation
Invalid field defaults now cause warnings not errors
EFDAL: Added CustomMetadata attribute
EFDAL: Added System.IEquatable interface to all entities
Added Scale property to parameters
EFDAL: Added better entity initialization for column default values
Added the ability to specify NULL values in static data
EFDAL: Added static method for entities 'SelectByPK'

26 August 2011
EFDAL and NHDAL: fixed an auditing issue with binary fields
Removes all previous generated stored procedures on install
Stored procedure parameters now accept varchar(max) fields
Fixed an issue with recommending removing audit tables even when not needed

10 August 2011
EFDAL and NHDAL: Fixed an issue with binary audit fields always returning changed = true
EFDAL: Corrected an issue with defaults not being set on entity objects when they are created
EFDAL: Added better default handling for entities
Added more convenience methods to generator core

04 August 2011
EFDAL: fixed an issue with modifiers and views
Installer: Added better audit table functionality with computed fields
Added error messages when model file is read-only
NHDAL and EFDAL: Fixed an issue with binary field in audit tables
EFDAL: Fixed an issue that caused a compile error for relations with role names
NHDAL: Corrected an issue using table auditing when TransformNames=true flag

31 July 2011
Added more functionality to installer project
Fixed an issue with non-generated entities being validated
Reordered some generated code (non-functionality change)
NHDAL: Corrected an obscure issue with ModifiedBy field getting set when walking relationship
NHDAL: Added a overload to entity UpdateData method for long data type
EFDAL and NHDAL: fixed an issue with auditing related to later adding nullable fields
EFDAL: Corrected modified audit when changing the modified user in the ContextStartup object
EFDAL and NHDAL: Corrected table auditing to use the defined modifier when removing a row

27 June 2011
Fixed some minor issues with searchable columns in ancestor/descendant entities
EFDAL: fixed an issue using output parameters with custom stored procedures
EFDAL: Removed protected from primary keys
Ensured that computed fields verify in the model

01 June 2011
Installer: added more model/database validation on install
Added EFCore base functionality
Fixed an issue with deleting items of an inherited entity
Changed the mode document format to be smaller
EFDAL: Now immutable entities have no setters
Added a new relation dialog screen
Added better import functionality
EFDAL: Added much more metadata functionality

26 May 2011
Installer: Worked on database copy to Azure
Increased the speed of import
EFDAL: cleaned up the EF mocks
Fixed some issues with dynamic compiling for DALProxy being used with DataService
Added more validation for M:N relations
Added better database import support
EFDAL: Added more base and meta class functionality
EFDAL: Add an AsObservable extension method for entities
EFDAL: Added more metadata support
EFCore: Added an IMetaData interface

23 May 2011
Corrected various issues with the inversion of control libraries
Added better support for some extension methods
EFDAL & NHDAL: fixed an issue with auditing binary fields
1:1 relations now cannot be linked on nullable fields
Added database versioning for Azure
Fixed workitem 6667 (

14 May 2011
Installer: now generates stubs for type table updates stored procs (no functionality)
EFDAL & NHDAL: added type checking for enum that comes into SetValue/GetValue
Validate static data in models
Added ValidationExpression property to field objects in the model
EFDAL: added more attribute to column objects (Timestamp and RegularExpression)
EFDAL: Added more validation and buddy (entity metadata) class functionality
EFDAL: fixed an issue with gen code for relationships on GUID fields
NHDAL: Fixed the way audit comparisons were done to fix a VS2008 environment issue
Added default lengths to data types in model

07 May 2011
Fixed an issue pasting entity treenodes with static data attached
Installer: fixed an issue with varchar max fields in custom viewss being generated as varchar(0)
Installer: Corrected an issue with table components defined from inherited entities
EFDAL: added GetValue and SetValue to mocking layer
EFDAL: changed paging functionality (requires regeneration)
EFDAL: Added bases to EFCore to support generic get/set of values
EFDAL: corrected a paging issue with views
Added some UI niceties

02 May 2011
EFDAL: can purge all child elements from list on an entity
EFDAL: all entities are now clonable
EFDAL: corrected the generated "ProviderManifestToken" token in the model for appropriate 2005/2008 SQL databases
EFDAL: Added SetValue method to entities
NHDAL: Added SetValue method with lambda overload
EFDAL: Added a GetPagedResults extension method to pull paginated results from entity sets
Improved the re-import of a database for an existing model

25 April 2011
Fixed an issue with SQL numeric types not mapping to .NET decimal types
EFDAL: fixed generation of type table enum for non-generated tables
Added type table enums to EFDAL
Added new table creation to database upgrade scripts if needed

28 March 2011
Removed an associative table code gen issue from NHDAL
Fixed a minor issue with associative tables
Added a global default modifier for NHDAL objects
Added more descriptions and icons to UI

20 March 2011
Implemented partial OnCreated method for entities in EFDAL and NHDAL
Fixed EFDAL stored procs for non-nullable parameters
Added validation for more model conditions
Fixed an issue with the DALProxy for certain relationship role name conditions
Fixed a problem with components on tables with parent table relations

15 March 2011
EFDAL: Breaking Change: you must remove the "ContextInclude" folder and "LINQ" folder from existing EFDAL projects and regenerate
EFDAL: Type tables now generate
EFDAL: Now supports views as entities

25 February 2011
EFDAL: Made modified date field track changes in API
Recompiled against latest generator common, fixing compatibility issues.

17 February 2011
All generators have own version numbers now
EFDAL: XML datatype now has proper maxlength setting
DTO layer now uses IList not List for relations
Fixed an issue with generation for non-generated fields
EFDAL: now supports custom stored procedures
Generator Library has been reorganized for packages not individual generators

14 February 2011
Added the Generator Library
Removed N:M bridge objects from NHDAL generated code
Expanded DTOs to contain information on dependencies
NHDAL: optimized loading large set of data

30 January 2011
Added a "Code First" generator based on CTP5
Check for reserved field property names when validating
Allow controlling inheritance when importing
Fixed some on edge cases when importing
Fixed an issue with static data import
NHDAL: added ability to verify generated API and a database match

19 January 2011
Fixed N:M eager loading "Include" syntax for EFDAL
Added some minor data annotations to EFDAL
Optimized how NHDAL loads large set of data
Updated generated database form to show network servers correctly
Wrapped a database identifier in braces to fix error
Removed some compile warnings from generated code
Added better handling for tables marked as not generated
Removed some keyword checks from validation
Fixed an error with a generated function 'ReadFromByteArray' not being generated in some situations
Fixed an issue with boolean in static data generation
Added more functionality to static data importing
Changed the way data annotations are generated for some data types

3 January 2011
All collections now implement IList and IListSource interfaces
All collections now have Contains and IndexOf methods
Fixed a timestamp issue when for stored proc generation
Added error form to generator
Fixed the dropping of unique indexes
Check for database version before import to support SQL 2005+
Added validation for default values

5 December 2010
There are breaking changes in this build. You will need to clean up your projects after generating
You will need to use the newest Core Assemblies
EFCore and and WSCore assemblies have been restructured and changed to include numerous interfaces, attributes, etc
Now have custom views for EFDAL
Fixed an issue with generated SQL for table components
Legacy select AND/OR procedures are now marked to recompile always so as to not reuse query plans
Textbox max length has ben increased for SQL entry dialogs in the model UI
Added many attributes to generated code: properties, classes, etc
Fixed a problem with using output parameters in the DALProxy for custom select command extension methods
Changed auditing structure for both EFDAL and NHDAL
Fixed an error with the IoC layer not pulling back Immutable entities properly
Changed SelectUsingPK for a business collection to return a single object
Audit retrieval method "GetValues" has been changed "GetAuditRecords"
Added ability to change namespace on projects
Added custom select command access to DTO extension layer
Fixed issue with SQL generation when renaming a table twice
Optimized the model XML file to be smaller
Removed PagingBase and QueryOptimizer from the generated NHDAL project (you will have to cleanup existing projects)

15 November 2010
Added more table auditing functionality
Made the model smaller by not saving default property values
Removed a needless validation rule
Removed pop-up dialog when saving model first time
Fixed issues with data types
Got XML data types to work better
Added dependency information to EFDAL and ERMocks
Worked on schemas for stored procedures

2 November 2010
Added support for UpdateData to handle "short" data type
Fixed an error in generated code for EFDAL and NHDAL if database views are present
Added more support for views
Fixed an issue with EFDAL not generating correctly for inherited tables
Added validation for role names that start with number
Added better error messages for out of range date/times in EFDAL and NHDAL
Database upgrade scripts now progress from last generated version not last minor version

13 October 2010
Reordering PK generation for installation project to fix issue with composite DB keys
Fix notification on value change for enums
Added overload for install project "Install" method
EFDAL: Fix enum wrapper comparision
EFDAL: Fix issues with lazy load
Reordered method parameters into various projects (DALProxy, WCProxy, DataService, WCFService) to be internally consistent
Dynamic linq for when it is in the GAC
Import Views into the model

17 September 2010
Changed a small issue with pasting static data in the designer
Corrected an issue with NHDAL for fields of Type Date in a SQL 2008 database
Changed the Database installer project to support SQL Azure
Added more functionality to XMLHelp in WSCore
Fixed an ordering issue when creating a PrimaryKey object in NHDAL
Added an error dialog to generated installation project

06 September 2010
Corrected an error in generated code for NHDAL when PK is a char datatype
Added a remarks section to Intellisense entity properties definitions in NHDAL and EFDAL
Tweaked the generated code of various generators
Added better "virtual" and "override" keyword usage to NHDAL
Added dependency information to EFDAL generator display

30 August 2010
Patch for issue with yesterday's build having an error in references in generated EFDAL.Interface project

29 August 2010
Now refresh all column defaults on DB generation
Re-importing a database now saves state of audit settings
Added DataContract attribute to NHEntityObject base in EFCore
Fixed the issue with DeleteData method not working with tables in non-dbo database schemas

24 August 2010
Get indexes when reversing a database
Added a new generated project: EF Interfaces for EFDAL
Support importing of databases with custom types
Expanded base class functionality of EFHDAL
Now handle immutable (read-only) entities better in EFDAL
Generate a primary key for entities in EFDAL
NHDAL: Added interfaces functionality to select objects by primary key
NHDAL/EFDAL: FieldNameConstants types for each business collection now have attributes
EFDAL: IBusinessObject interface now has extended functionality

14 August 2010
Fixed a UI bug that showed the length of NText and Image columns which are predefined
Fixed a database schema issue with EFDAL
Added ability to change table schema in database tracking functionality
Import single field identity tables are now marked immutable
Context include objects in EFDAL are now renamed "...Include"
Fixed quoted descriptions and other non-standard comments in C#
Added general error dialog for for model errors
Error checked some static data conditions
Now disallow type tables to allow auditing

07 August 2010
Removed functionality from stored procedures for immutable tables
Check for duplicate relations up the entity inheritance hierarchy
Identity columns now only are supported for Int, SmallInt, and BigInt
Added a lot better support for EFDAL to work with Silverlight
Removed audit field generation from Associative tables in EFDAL
Added a strongly-typed DeleteItem method to EFDAL context to replace the standard DeleteObject method

28 July 2010
Fully qualified many object names to remove potential conflicts with System objects
Abstracted more EF functionality into EFCore assembly
Fixed EFDAL issue with role names and multiple relations between 2 tables
Corrected an issue in NHDAL with created/modified by fields not using the specified modifier

25 July 2010
Added LINQ syntax for EF context "Include" behavior
Added an EFCore library that must be included in EF projects
Added builk operation to the EFDAL including bulk updates and deletes

21 July 2010
EFDAL: Added fix for adding children to a parent list
EFDAL: Do not allow auto-walk when entity object state is detached or added
EFDAL: Added auditing framework

18 July 2010
Renamespaced the Entity Framework DAL. This is a breaking change you must delete your old generated files and regenerate. (EFDAL BETA only)
Added a ContextStartup object for EFDAL contexts to support audit tracking
EFDAL now supports auditing and table
Added table extended properties form to UI
Fixed a sorting issue with delete columns dialog
Fix custom names for Auditing (all generators)
Fix rolenames for relationships (all generators)
Added a history screen to generated database installer project

11 July 2010
Added Entity Framework generator to VS2010 build
Fixed a run-time security error that occurred when the DAL project was compiled on the 4.0 framework

5 July 2010
Allow calculated columns to be unique now
Allow calculated columns to be null now
Corrected an issue (introduced with new EF SP code) with inherited tables delete SP
Corrected an issue with derived tables not compiling in some situations
Corrected an issue with an inheritance hierarchy when parent table has a cyclical relationsship

21 June 2010
Added run-time validation for DateTime data types
Add some code to fix the assembly in gac error
Modified stored procedures to support new Entity Framework DAL when released
Added ability to track installation history in installer
Added check on database installer upgrade to verify that database matches model
TinyInt no longer valid identity
When importing, the SQL version is now read
Add ability to do command line installs
Alphabetized generated fields in code
Fixed upgrades of computed fields

8 May 2010
Added support for database schema
Added support for views with LINQ

25 Apr 2010
Cleaned up import progress dialog
Fixed GUID self-reference columns
Added select by field to IoC
Add ability to override data transfer temaplates
Fixed importing numeric fields
Changed XML list query format
Added ability to turn off custom property changing events
Replaced explicit DAL property generation with .NET auto property format
Add a little more error handling for inherited relationships
Fixed an issue with one of the paged RunSelect methods when mapping a code facade to a database column
Corrected an issue with GUIDs as static data
Optimized the generated code to be more compact.
Generisized paging object
Added option to turn off legacy searching (replaced by LINQ)
Create 2010 installer

23 Mar 2010
Added a dependency list to the generator dialog
Corrected an issue with datetime static data

14 Mar 2010
Fixed an issue with generation for relations between immutable tables
Fixed issue with generator preferences not saving sometimes

7 Mar 2010
Fixed a problem with the build. It had a problem with the DAL and was not generating this project.

4 Mar 2010
Fixed GetMaxLength with inherited entities and text fields
Fixed data update versioning and more validation of relations and roles
Added a first upgrade script to installer for upgrades from non-nHydrate database
Fixed an issue with insertions into audit tables
Fixed an issue with audit tables not tracking model schema changes
Added varchar(max) support for SQL 2005 schemas
Added a RejectChanges property for business objects
Fixed a problem with GetMaxLength not supporting Text fields
Fixed a problem with renaming facades on an unsaved model

7 Feb 2010
Added support for calculated fields
Optimized generated code
Corrected an issue with bulk updating the modified date
Fixed a sporadic paging issue

23 Jan 2010
All generated properties are now browsable
Stored procedures import better
Added more validation to table components
Added better support for aggregate functions like querying across tables boundaries

17 Jan 2010
Added more robust support for inheritance in the model tree
Added the ability to use defined names not mapped names (underscrore nomenclature) with new model property TransformNames
Added a template code utility to install for template writers
The new model wizard now allows you to import existing views and stored procedures
All generated properties are now marked as component model browsable

11 Jan 2010
Added ability for self-reference tables to link on multiple fields
Added more validation
Added more copy/paste functionality
Added model summary screen

8 Jan 2010
Removed some warnings from generated code
Improved generated code for generics and aggregates
Added and improved existing validation functionality
Optimized DAL generated code to make compiled binaries 20-30% smaller
Improved the relationship editor
Added the ability to see inherited table fields in the model tree
Added a new way to access collections in subdomain without casting
Optimized database support for faster loading and importing
Added progress dialogs to give the user feedback

21 Dec 2009
Expanded model, worked on views and stored procedure templates

18 Dec 2009
Corrected a SQL error with dependency walking by FK
Fixed an issue with locking optimization for inherited tables
Corrected a DTO layer generation issue for LINQ
Added locking optimization techniques to static business collection methods
Added default sorting for paging RunSelect method when no sorting specified
Tables and columns with spaces now generate their stored procedures correctly
Added field level collation
Fixed error with generating fields marked for non-generation in some circumstances
Added ability to set precision and scale for decimal data types

9 Dec 2009
Broke out generators from model into separate assemblies
Modified the definition of 1:1 relations for generation
Corrected an issue with the plugin not working in Vista with UAC enabled
Improved checking for updates
Refined the object inheritance functionality
Changed the select by PK objects
Added property setter error messages for nullable types
Modified the definition of 1:1 relations
Added ability to check for updates

4 Dec 2009
Fixed uninstall from experimental hive
Corrected a small validation error for tables with non-generated columns
Added overloads for select by primary keys select commands
Added ability to handle non-alphanumeric named columns
Refined the one-to-one relations
Added more walking for inherited objects
Addressed some of the compiler warnings
Fixed error when closing VS.NET memory leak (big fix)

29 Nov 2009
Changes to Widgetsphere.Core.dll are breaking. You will need to update the assembly.
Added Inversion of Control (Ioc) functionality
Added a mocking framework
Added a DAL and WCF proxy project
Added a WCF service that can be used remotely
Updated JQuery and REST-ful interface
Added new LINQ method overloads in DAL
Modified all query timeout settings to be consistent

13 Nov 2009
Fixed an error for non-US locales loading models
All assemblies now have a strong name
Using implicit joins when writing LINQ now references a newly named object (i.e. Customer is now CustomerEntity)
Database name was removed as it is not being used anymore
Added validation for column defaults
Added support for new SQL 2008 data types
Change column property 'type' to 'datatype'
Added target SQL version for validation of new types
Enhanced column property grid for field length display

10 Nov 2009
New table property EnforcePrimaryKey allows support for legacy DB with no primary keys
Added various validation including for associative tables
Corrected an issue with the installer static data generator

5 Nov 2009
Fixed an issue with non-US locales loading models. This should fix the issues of some Europeans.
Improved the data services a bit. It is still a work in progress.
Added JQuery generation to the data service

31 Oct 2009
Added WCF DataMember decoration to DTOs
Improved new model wizard
Corrected an issue with inherited tables walking the relationships of parent tables
Added ability to import static data
Added validatation of audit fields on inherited tables
Now explicitly setting identity field PK in business object constructor persists to DB

28 Oct 2009
Now move the generator Core assembly to the bin folder on every generation, in case of framework changes.
Add a new model wizard
Generate field enumeration on DTO’s
Fixed error on some machines that occurred when creating a new model
Added security for LINQ queries
Added decoration to DTO's: serializable and datacontract
Corrected an issue with custom naming the created date audit
Fixed a problem with dependency walking on inherited tables
Fixed an issue loading a single item from a self-referencing table by PK

22 Oct 2009
Added more model validation for type tables
Enhanced registration from environment
Tweaked error logging
Added reference to a new assembly for the new REST support
Added validation for allownull/primary key column settings
Corrected a problem loading a model file in non-US locales

16 Oct 2009
Added registration capability from the environment.

14 Oct 2009
Added better support for image field with new methods to load/save images from disk
Added more model validation for inherited tables
Added many UI error checks to make skewing up a model harder

11 Oct 2009
Fix: There was an error in the install today until 22:30 EST. If you downloaded today, uninstall and download the newest version.
Added more REST service functionality, various installer UI enhancements, fixed an issue with the DeleteData collection method, fixed an invalid interface, etc.

27 Sep 2009
The base classes and interfaces have been tweaked a little. The AddClone method of a collection has been removed and a business object now implements ICloneable. Also a validation rule framework was put in place so you can add custom, client side validation to any object.

25 Sep 2009
The Northwind example has a new tutorial in it that explains the site creation and generation.
Added more C#, SQL, and base class reserved words on the verification, so you cannot create a model that generates code that will not compile. Also the installer now supports installing on x6

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